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Squeeze the most value out of every penny you spend—whether you’re servicing 5 or 500 analyzers—with the low prices and guaranteed quality of Peripheral Visions. Because our company was started by a field service engineer, we are very familiar with your servicing challenges, and it has always been our goal to help you alleviate the obstacles you face in the field.

We offer the entire range of consumables, service parts and PM kits at a significant savings from the OEM prices, which often have outrageous markups that chip away at your bottom line. And just because the prices are lower does not mean we sacrifice quality. We know that nothing costs you more than having to revisit a service call for a repeat problem. That’s why we guarantee the quality of our original-quality parts, even at prices often 50% lower than what OEMs offer.


Service parts—We sell tested, known-to-be-good parts such as circuit boards, monitors, printers and assemblies, all offered at a great savings over new.

Exchange program—Instead of just purchasing a replacement part from the OEM, exchange your inoperative core item for a quality part from Peripheral Visions. We’ll sell you the part at a discount and send it with a prepaid return box to ship the core back to us. The specific terms of exchange vary depending on the part. Contact the technical support hotline at 1-253-735-3926 or send email to for details.

Depot repairs—If something is broken, we can fix it here and then return it to you. Charges for this service depend on the repair time. Please contact technical support at 1-253-735-3926 or

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